Blue Jays: Randal Grichuk pulls no punches about negotiations

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Randal Grichuk pulled no punches in response to ongoing negotiations.

The back and forth between the MLBPA and MLB owners has reached an all-time low with neither side willing to budge from their respective stances. Blue Jays outfielder Randal Grichuk took to Twitter last night to voice his displeasure over the current state of the negotiations.

Grichuk pulled no punches clapping back at Commissioner Rob Manfred telling him to just implement the 48-game season already since we all that’s all he is trying to do. Grichuk also chimed in that the negotiations are brutal and all the owners are doing is wasting time to get what they want.

The players have proposed a number of scenarios where they would play upwards of 100 games this season, however, the owners keep balking over the pro-rated salaries and the money they will lose playing without fans.

The general consensus is that Manfred will eventually impose a shortened season on the sides forcing a 48-game season on the players. A scenario that almost seems pointless at this stage of the game.

Chicago Cubs infielder Daniel Descalso may have had the tweet of the night with his tongue in cheek negotiation tweet. His tweet is bang-on as it appears the owners have been offering the same proposal over and over with a different twist.

Time will tell how it plays out but tensions are beginning to run high as the players are taking to their various social media outlets to vent their frustrations. For the betterment of the sport, it may be time for both sides to reach an agreement and resuscitate the season before all is lost.

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On a side note, it is nice to see Grichuk taking a leadership role and speaking his mind on the process thus far. He will undoubtedly be leaned upon heavily for guidance in the Blue Jays clubhouse in the coming years. Tell it how it is, Randal.

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