Blue Jays: Will Austin Martin be a tough sign?

The Toronto Blue Jays drafted arguably the best player in the amateur draft, however, will Austin Martin be a tough sign?

There were a plethora of mock drafts completed by numerous prognosticators from various baseball syndicates and nobody fathomed that Austin Martin would fall to the Blue Jays at the fifth spot.

That all changed when the Baltimore Orioles went off the board for their selection and the Miami Marlins and Kansas City Royals opted for pitching. The Blue Jays brain trust and scouting department did not miss a beat selecting the best player available when Martin fell into their lap unexpectedly.

There is some speculation around the league that the Scott Boras client is asking for second slot money to sign on the dotted line. The difference between the second slot value as opposed to fifth slot money is $1,609,200.

This draft is very unique compared to in years past as there will only be five rounds this time around. If the Jays overspend on Martin, they will have to recoup the cost somewhere down the line in the following four rounds.

The second overall selection is tabbed to earn $7,789,900 while the fifth pick would take home $6,180,700 respectively. Toronto reportedly has $9,716,500 to spend on their five draft picks so they would only have $1,926,600 to divvy up among their next four players drafted if they gave Martin second overall slot value.

Keith Law of The Athletic was online for a zoom chat during the draft and was gushing over what Martin brings to the table. Law called Martin the best player in the draft and proclaimed that Blue Jays fans should be over the moon with the selection.

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At the end of the day, Martin is a generational talent who can play multiple positions and fits nicely with the likes of the young talent already in place on the Blue Jays roster. If it cost you an extra million and a half, so be it. Sign the kid.

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