Blue Jays: Expect huge restrictions if and when there is a season

You can expect huge restrictions to be placed on the Toronto Blue Jays and the other 29 teams, if and when there is a baseball season.

According to Jon Heyman of the MLB Network, the MLB is expected to table their economic proposal to the players early next week. It is anticipated the proposal will call for a 50/50 revenue sharing split which will presumably be shot down by the players.

If and when there is an agreement reached, baseball games could appear much different than in past seasons. Some of the proposed restrictions are said to be spitting, tobacco, licking fingers, fighting, hitting inside, meeting inside, batboys, high fives, fist bumps, fraternizing, showers, saunas, hydrotherapy, uber, subway and leaving the hotel.

The day to day to happenings around the league would drastically change in terms of batting practice, cages, showers, hot and cold tubs, and recovery practices.

Even though there is no current agreement in place, Padres union rep Austin Hedges shared his optimism earlier this week that a deal will get done. “Over the last 48 hours, it really feels like we’re getting some stuff done, I really do believe we’re to a point where a decision will be made. … I feel very confident it’s going to happen.”

Those comments come on the heels of Blake Snell‘s pointed comments where he essentially said he would not take a pay cut and put himself in danger to play this year. There is obviously a split in opinion amongst players across the league.

It all seems but a foregone conclusion that the Blue Jays will be playing their games at an alternate location in Dunedin. With border restrictions still in place, the likelihood of teams crossing the border for games will not be possible.

The season will definitely be one that is fluid and constantly changing to accommodate the pandemic restrictions, however, at the end of the day we will hopefully have baseball back.