Blue Jays: Bo Bichette with a shot at the MLB the Show title

Bo Bichette has been representing the Blue Jays in a MLB the Show tournament over the last few weeks, and he has a shot at the championship.

Baseball fans have had to find a variety of way to scratch the itch over the last couple of months. We’ve watched classic games, spent more time looking at the draft than usual (maybe that’s just me), and for many of us, have turned to video games to get our fix.

If playing video games hasn’t been enough for you, we’ve had the opportunity to watch some pros playing in a MLB tournament, and it’s been surprisingly entertaining. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t had any real baseball to watch in a while, but whenever I’ve tuned in for a few minutes, I’ve enjoyed watching. That might also be partially due to the fact that Bo Bichette has been representing the Blue Jays, and the young phenom has been quite successful so far.

In fact, this little tournament has entered the playoff stage, and Bichette qualified for the top eight. He’ll play his first playoff game on Saturday here (about 90 minutes after this writing), facing off against Lucas Giolito of the White Sox in a game of MLB the Show.

As for the other big leaguers in the final eight, on Bichette’s side of the bracket are Giolito, and then the other matchup features Ian Happ of the Cubs and Joey Gallo of the Rangers. For anyone who has been watching this at all, you’ll likely know that Gallo is ridiculously good at video games, and he’s probably the favourite. Anything can happen of course, but if Bichette advances against Giolito, chances are he’s going to get Gallo in the semi-finals.

I know this whole thing isn’t for everyone, and typically I likely wouldn’t be paying a whole lot of attention to a video game tournament either. However, in the absence of baseball right now, kudos to these guys for giving the fans something to help tide them over, and to everyone involved in putting it together.

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Now, here’s hoping Bichette can start the “championship culture” in Toronto, even if it’s just a video game for now.

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