Blue Jays: It’s Christmas morning, and we’ve got a lump of coal

Today was supposed to be Opening Day of the regular season for the Blue Jays, and it feels a bit like we’ve received a lump of coal on Christmas morning.

I’ve done my very best to stay positive throughout the craziness of the last couple weeks, and how the Covid-19 virus has almost completely shut down North America and many other parts of the world. But now that Opening Day for the MLB season has arrived and there is still no baseball, you’ll have to permit me at least a day of being a little crabby.

I was telling a friend yesterday that waking up on Thursday morning is going to feel a little bit like that old threat so many of us heard from our parents when we were kids. That if you aren’t good, that Santa will leave a lump of coal in your stocking at Christmas. Well for baseball fans who treat Opening Day like their favourite day of the year, I hope you find a use for your new paperweight.

In fact, since I’ve reached new levels of losing my mind (not literally, I’m just really bored without baseball), I thought I’d write you a poem.

Behold, and feel free to pick it apart to your heart’s content.

(Set to the tune of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”)

I don’t want a lot this Thursday,
I just wish the boys could play.
I’m angry that this stupid virus,
Ruined my plans for Opening Day,

I miss it more than you could know,
We should be watching Vlad and Bo,
My nightmares have come true,
It’s Opening Day, and we can’t watch Ryu

I’ve been okay with staying home,
I’m glad that we’re all keeping safe,
But how much easier would it be,
If the Blue Jays kept us entertained.

Video games just can’t compare,
I’ll tell you friends, it’s getting bad.
I’m re-watching games from ’92,
I’m even missing Buck and Pat.

But there’s no baseball to be played,
And I might sit and pout all day,
My nightmares have come true,
It’s Opening Day, and we can’t watch Ryu…

(Why can’t we have nice things?)

I’d even be okay if they lose,
But it’s Opening Day and we can’t watch Ryu…..

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Hopefully we can have a real Opening Day sooner than later.

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