Blue Jays: Rekindled relationship could be key to starting pitching success

TORONTO, CANADA - JUNE 5: Aaron Sanchez
TORONTO, CANADA - JUNE 5: Aaron Sanchez /

Three games into the season and the Toronto Blue Jays pitching staff has yet to allow an earned run, could the rekindled friendship of Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez be a contributing factor to their success?

The one-time friends had a falling out somewhere along the way and undoubtedly made things awkward for the Blue Jays starting five in previous seasons. Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez would never be caught in the same camera frame together.

Stroman took a few undermining shots at Sanchez previously in regards to him switching agents and being sidelined for extended periods for a recurring blister issue. However, fast forward to the present and all is well in Blue Jays land with the two burying the proverbial hatchet.

The two never discussed what triggered the falling out but it was clearly evident there was some drama between the two. You can only imagine the distraction it must have created in a room of 25 athletes especially considering the egos involved. Stroman recently commented on the budding friendship.

"“We’re working on it. It’s growing. I’m excited about it, It’s something that happened organically and it’s moving in the right direction. Myself and the entire team is pumped about it.”"

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Stroman and Sanchez are once again following one another on their respective social media outlets and tweeting encouragement toward one another. The Jays starting rotation are accompanying the pitcher of the day to the bullpen and preaching unity as they escort the starter to the dugout in a new tradition implemented this season.

The proof is in the pudding early-on as the trio of Stroman, Sanchez and Matt Shoemaker have yet to allow a run in their first starts of the 2019 campaign. The Jays sport a 2-1 record but could easily be 3-0 if not for an ill-placed centre-cut slider on Opening Day by reliever Daniel Hudson.

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A new skipper, new traditions and fostering new relationships seem to be paying dividends for the Jays thus far.