Blue Jays: How do the Blue Jays react to Stanton to the Yankees

Brendan Panikkar
MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 01: Giancarlo Stanton
MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 01: Giancarlo Stanton /

When I went to bed last night, I was reading all sorts of reports that Giancarlo Stanton to the New York Yankees was heating up. When I opened my Twitter feed this morning, the first thing I saw from Jon Heyman was that the Miami Marlins and New York Yankees had reached a deal to send the slugger to the Yankees. That sends ripple effects throughout the entire American League, the AL East, and the Toronto Blue Jays.

It’s pretty terrifying to think that the Blue Jays will now have to compete with a middle of the order that features Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge, and now Giancarlo Stanton. They also have Greg Bird, Didi Gregorius, Brett Garnder, and Aaron Hicks (not yet reported if any of these players are going to Miami). It seems by all reports that Starlin Castro is heading to the Marlins as a part of this deal. However, you get the point. The Yankees are going to have a very deep and scary lineup, and we haven’t even gotten to their bullpen or their rotation yet.

So, the big question now is how do the Toronto Blue Jays and the front office react? The instant reaction from many that I follow is to blow it up entirely, which is a fair thing to say after thinking about Stanton in New York. There’s also a crowd of people that are saying they need to stop meddling in the middle and put all the chips into competing in 2018. That is an equally fair thing to say and perhaps the Yankees getting Stanton will kick the front office into high gear.

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Regardless, I am of the camp that you still look to add to the current roster to take aim at competing in 2018 even if it seems like the Blue Jays are destined for 3rd in the division. The Yankees roster still isn’t perfect with Stanton. There are still some question marks at certain spots around the diamond and in the rotation. It’s likely those do get addressed as the off-season goes along. The Red Sox still have holes that need addressing as well.

It will be interesting to see how the Blue Jays react to this trade. Do they add? Do they start selling assets? Time will tell, but as we wait the official word that Giancarlo Stanton has formally accepted the trade, all we can do is hope the Blue Jays front office picks some sort of direction as to where they want the 2018 edition of the Toronto Blue Jays to head.

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