Blue Jays’ Marcus Stroman should be embraced not chastised

ATLANTA, GA - MAY 18: Marcus Stroman
ATLANTA, GA - MAY 18: Marcus Stroman /

Toronto Blue Jays superstar Marcus Stroman has been the focal point of attention this week after taking to social media to voice his displeasure about the non-tendering of his pal Ryan Goins resulting in Sportsnet’s Jeff Blair penning a piece berating Stroman for his actions on and off the field.

In a world that is dominated by athletes and their constant indiscretions and run-ins with the law, Marcus Stroman is a welcomed breath of fresh air that should be embraced not chastised by members of the Toronto media landscape who have failed to evolve with the times.

There is no debating the 26-year old exudes confidence that sometimes borders cocky and yes, Stroman wears his heart on his sleeve but he is well-intentioned, sticks up for his teammates and is you can bet your bottom dollar the 29 other General Managers around the league would go through hell or high water to obtain a player of his ilk.

In the Blair article, Stroman was referred to as being on the verge of becoming a cartoon character. So in true Stroman fashion, he tweeted this last night as an obvious response to the Blair slight.

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Stroman is a family man who takes care of his own and I would be proud for my children to call him a role model. On the field the “Stro-Show” makes us appreciate that baseball is supposed to be fun with a competitive edge and a flair for the dramatic. The Stroman’s of the world are the reason fans across North America pay their hard earned money to attend games.

I understand that baseball is a business and I was somewhat concerned about Stroman taking to social media to vent about Goins for the simple fact that the brain trust obviously doesn’t need the player’s stamp of approval. The last thing I wanted was for Stroman to be cast in a negative light with the Blue Jays management group, as we all know how things can fester and create rifts over time.

Stroman is an absolute beauty and one of the leagues brightest stars as he showcased last season in the World Baseball Classic and through the regular season. We are lucky to have him as an ambassador not only for the Blue Jays but for Canada and the sooner everyone across the country realized that, the better we will be.

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Stroman is not only a  personality, he is real and authentic and I for one appreciate him more and more with each passing day. There is nobody I would rather see toeing the rubber every fifth day. Keep being you Stro!