Blue Jays: The SS standard, and our expectations of Goins

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Ryan Goins is one of the most divisive players the Blue Jays have had in the last number of years, with half of the fan base adoring his contributions, while the other half wants to see him cut from the roster. This split in the fan base made me wonder how his performance has compared to other shortstops in recent Blue Jays’ memory.

The Blue Jays haven’t had a lot of luck with keeping Troy Tulowitzki on the field during his tenure in Toronto, and as a result the team has had to lean on Ryan Goins a great deal. Depending on who you ask, the five year veteran of the team has either been a tremendous asset for the club, or an enormous detriment. The opinions are divided, and if you don’t believe me just search the man’s name on Twitter.

Seeing the love-hate relationship that Blue Jays’ fans have with the utility infielder made me wonder, not only why it’s that way, but also how his performance stacks up against shortstops of the past. I’ve been following the team pretty religiously since childhood, and I’ll admit that I was surprised by a few of the names on this list. Not because I didn’t remember them, but because a few of them I didn’t recall getting as much playing time as they did.

Anyway, it’s very interesting to take a look at how the “captains of the infield” have fared (I only went as far back as 2000), and with that knowledge, is it fair that Goins faces so much criticism? Let’s have a look.

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