Blue Jays must learn from past fails and sign Josh Donaldson long-term

TORONTO, ON - JULY 7: Josh Donaldson
TORONTO, ON - JULY 7: Josh Donaldson /

The Toronto Blue Jays need to learn from their past mistakes and lock up Josh Donaldson long-term before this situation spirals into Edwin Encarnacion 2.0.

The Blue Jays were the first American League team to reach 3-million fans through the gates even though the team has been sequestered to the Al East basement for much of the season. The team has a loyal fan backing and efforts need to be made to retain their franchise player.

Regardless of his age or his lingering calf issues, the bottom line is simple, players like Josh Donaldson don’t fall in your lap often, actually almost never. His mental makeup and understanding of the game coupled with his extraordinary physical talent and hard-nosed style make him the exact type of player to build around.

Prospects are prospects, the proof is in the pudding when it comes what J.D. brings to this lineup day in and day out. Donaldson is in his final year of arbitration eligibility after earning $17 million this season. The Jays want to get more athletic and younger but a full rebuild is not in the cards for this current core, so lock him up.

Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro was on the Fan 590 radio show on Wednesday and addressed the elephant in the room in regards to Donaldson.

"“It’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where Josh Donaldson isn’t part of a championship team here, But I think Ross (Atkins) and the baseball staff will walk through all of those scenarios.“It’s almost a certainty that he’ll be back here next year.”"

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Donaldson has a 20.5 WAR in his first three seasons north of the border and I realize the hot corner specialist is 31 but I am backing up the Brinks Truck and ensuring J.D is part of this team for another 5 years. If it costs the Jays $120 million then so be it, Josh Donaldson type players come around once every 20 years.

The last thing this fan base needs is another Edwin Encarnacion or Roy Halladay debacle where at the end of the day the where the player walks or is traded. Let’s keep out franchise players in Toronto for once and for all.

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Let’s keep our franchise players in Toronto for once and for all.