Toronto Blue Jays: All-Time Leaders in Home Runs

TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 19: Jose Bautista (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 19: Jose Bautista (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /
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The Toronto Blue Jays are one of the youngest franchises in Major League Baseball. Despite their youth, Canada’s own has had some prolific home run hitters.

Established in 1977 along with the Seattle Mariners, the Toronto Blue Jays stand as the fifth youngest franchise in Major League Baseball. Toronto has the best home run hitting team of this decade, hitting 1635 home runs since 2010.

The Toronto Blue Jays are perhaps the best expansion team in MLB history. Of the 30 MLB teams today, 14 are expansion teams. Those include the Blue Jays, Rays, Diamondbacks, Marlins, Rockies, Mariners, Brewers, Padres, Nationals, Royals, Mets, Astros, Rangers and Angels.

Six of those teams have won a World Series, with only four winning multiple World Series, including the Blue Jays, Mets, Marlins and Royals. Toronto trails just the Los Angeles Angels in all-time winning percentage for expansion teams, .498 to .501.

Overall, the Blue Jays have faired quite nicely. With 2017 being their 41st season in existence, the Toronto Blue Jays have crafted some pretty high profile home run hitters.

113 home runs. 15. player. 1991-1998. 1B/3B. 39. Pick Analysis. EdSprague

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Despite playing for the Toronto Blue Jays for eight seasons, Ed Sprague was not a consistent presence on the ball field as most of his success came in a short period. His 27.9 AB/HR ratio is the second worst on this list and his 18.3% strike out rate is the fifth worst among Blue Jays batters with 3000 or more at-bats.

In fact, 27% of Sprague’s home runs were blasted during one season in 1996. ’96 was easily Sprague’s best season as a Blue Jay as he slugged 36 home runs, brought in 101 RBIs and was walked 60 times. All of those stats were career highs for Sprague.

Despite a very solid 1996, Sprague was never an All-Star as a Blue Jay. His lone All-Star appearance came in 1999 with the Pittsburgh Pirates, failing to win any accolades during his career. For the most part though, Sprague created a decent resume for the Blue Jays as, along with owning the 15th most home runs, he ranks:

  • 22nd – FanGraphs WAR – 4.8

  • 23rd – Hits – 773

  • 15th – RBIs – 418

Sprague also led the American League with 15 hit by pitches in 1995, becoming just the second Blue Jay ever to accomplish the feat.

Most memorable home run: Go ahead two-run pinch hit home run in the ninth inning of game two of the 1992 World Series.