Blue Jays: Umpire needed to slow his role on Pillar ejection

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - AUGUST 22: Kevin Pillar
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - AUGUST 22: Kevin Pillar /

There appears to be an umpire epidemic all over the league as players are being tossed out of ball games nightly for simply expressing their opinion or discontent for a blown call. Umpires around the majors need to slow their role and realize fans don’t purchase overpriced tickets to see them eject their hero in the third inning.

Last night was no different as Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar got the heave ho from home plate umpire Chad Fairchild for simply telling the umpire “that the first pitch was terrible” as Pillar jogged back to the dugout after grounding out.

Unbeknownst to many watching the game on the reasoning, Fairchild tossed Pillar without any further provocation or conversation with Pillar. There were no profanities, screaming or spectacle made just a simple comment in passing that cost the centre fielder an opportunity to play in a hard fought contest with a division rival.

This is not the first time the Jays have battled with umpires as John Gibbons, Marcus Stroman and catcher Russell Martin were all tossed from a contest a couple weeks ago in what appeared to be another abuse of power. There have been many examples around the league most recently involving Adrian Beltre and the on-deck circle and the Tigers’ Ian Kinsler who publicly voiced his displeasure and ended up with a hefty fine from the league.

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This past weekend umpires from around the league protested the verbal abuse they are receiving from players by wearing white arm bands. This cry for attention appears to be out of desperation as there is tons of proof where umpires have provoked the confrontations before tossing the players.

Regardless, Fairchild was wrong last night in ejecting Pillar and cost the Blue Jays one of their premier defenders for nearly an entire game. Fairchild and his band of brothers in blue need to slow their role and realize the game does not revolve around them. Plain and simple.

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