Jays Journal Podcast- Biagini, Tepera, & more


Jays Journal has recently launched a brand new podcast, which is hosted by our own Ari Shapiro, and can be found on blogtalkradio.com. Tune in regularly to hear Ari and a wild range of guests talk about current issues, have roundtable discussions, and regularly take your calls to discuss all things Blue Jays.

Jays Journal Podcast- June 17th. “Radio edition”

On tonight’s show, we take a closer look at some of the latest articles from the Jays Journal team of writers and contributors, including the front page stories from Chris Henderson, Brian Greenzang, Kirsten McKernan, Craig Borden, and Clayton Richer.

Later, host Ari Shapiro is joined by site expert and eternal master of baseball composure, Chris Henderson, as the two attempt to disseminate the smouldering remains of an 11-4 loss to Melky Cabrera and the Chicago White Sox on Friday night. In their quest to reach the vaunted .500 mark, the Blue Jays were their own worst enemy and remain painfully short of an elusive goal.

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Phone lines were opened for the first time for tonight’s show, with several callers, Dan, Kamal, and Paul- featured prominently discussing last night’s outcome, along with opinions on Joe Biagini’s future in the rotation, the merits of American League versus National League pitching, Ryan Tepera’s trade value, and how Alex Anthopoulos changed the destiny of this franchise.

This episode has a little bit of everything for everyone.

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“Ari Shapiro is the host and creative director of the Jays Journal radio podcast and is a freelance writer, interviewer, and producer. He’s appeared on the Fan 590 Sportsnet radio, 90.5 FM Extra Talk Sports radio, and is a proud contributor with FanSided.”