Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins holds tight-lipped presser


Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins met with the media on Tuesday in Dunedin regarding the situation with Jose Bautista and the Jay Bruce trade rumours

After 24 hours of buzz to open spring training in Dunedin, Florida, general manager Ross Atkins met with the media this morning to discuss the Jose Bautista contract situation and the trade speculation surrounding Jay Bruce of the Cincinnati Reds.

He wasn’t saying much, though.

“If you want me to say the same things 25 times, I will, there’s no comments on negotiations,” Atkins said, meeting question after question with a similar answer. 

Focusing on the Bautista negotiations, however, there was an interesting add-on to one of Atkins’ quotes. “It doesn’t need to be public, and it won’t be…. From our end.” Let’s not let that audible pause tilt our entire impression of the relationship between Bautista and the organization, but there could be something there. Atkins did add that he’s “really glad that Jose’s here”.

It was the same story when the Jay Bruce rumours came in to the picture, with Atkins still referencing the situation as a negotiation. “There’s really nothing I can comment on about them”

Atkins also discussed where Michael Saunders stands in all of this. After a deal sending him to Anaheim has reportedly fallen apart, especially after spending the majority of 2015 fighting his way back from a knee injury caused by a sprinkler head in spring training, he’s landed in an awkward position. And in many ways, an unfair one.

“Thats the thing about trade rumours that are unfortunate. Thats the first thing I think about is the player,” Atkins said, adding that he spoke with Saunders about the situation personally.

Saunders is expected to speak with the media following the Blue Jays workouts today and address the rocky start to spring.