Blue Jays Super Bowl onesie party: Better than yours


Blue Jays star Jose Bautista hosted a onesie party with several teammates on Sunday night. The 2016 team chemistry seems alive and well (and comfortable)

The Monday morning after Super Bowl Sunday does not represent a peak in workforce productivity. Perhaps you’ve noticed a eerie quiet in your office today, even a few more empty chairs than usual.

Super Bowl parties have become more important than the game itself, and Jose Bautista made sure the Blue Jays didn’t go without. Several members of the 2016 team joined Bautista for a grown-man onesie party in Florida, and it was just as wonderful as you’d expect.

Joining Bautista was Ryan Goins, Aaron Sanchez, Marcus Stroman, Chris Colabello, Kevin Pillar and Devon Travis. In the far-right Superman outfit you’ll also also see Bobby Tewksbary, the personal hitting coach of both Colabello and Josh Donaldson.

In the far left of the frame, you’ll also see a man dressed in full chef’s attire. So unless that’s an extravagantly-themed onesie, it looks like Jose treated his teammates right.

Though two weeks still remain until pitchers and catchers officially report, it’s common to see players re-locating to Florida ahead of time to acclimate to their spring training surroundings and get a head-start on the year ahead.

Whether it’s driven by the marketing department or the players themselves, every new Blue Jays season has a “thing”. This can be an official club hashtag like 2015’s #ComeTogether, or an off-field gag like the bathrobes or scooters that David Price purchased for his teammates shortly after arriving mid-season.

It’s early, but the smart money looks to be on onesies becoming the Blue Jays “thing” of 2016.

And on that note, let’s all go back to staring out our windows and counting the minutes until baseball season.