Blue Jays Morning Brew: Let’s talk Mark Shapiro


Blue Jays president Mark Shapiro takes the leading role in this Morning Brew after a string of media appearances, and the market perception seems to be softening

The past week has been good for Mark Shapiro. Now, we can’t define “good” here in the same sense that we would for your average sports executive, nor can we say the market perception of him is “softening” in the real-world sense either. Relatively speaking, though, it’s beginning to happen.

Trading for National’s reliever Drew Storen signalled that (gasp!) the new regime led by Shapiro is here for something other than a franchise tear-down. Heck, they might even enjoy a win or two.

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Along with the Yovani Gallardo rumors that continue to surface, disappear and repeat, a little bit of buzz has re-entered the Blue Jays market. Mark Shapiro jerseys haven’t sold out at the Jays Shop yet by any means, but compared to his first month in office, the past seven days have given the huddled masses an opportunity to breathe free.

So with that, here is the first (and likely last) all-Shapiro edition of the Blue Jays Morning Brew. Could you think of any better way to start your weekend?

What Shapiro and Atkins left behind  –  Take a moment to look through this overview of the Cleveland Indians farm system courtesy of Baseball Prospectus. Topped by stud prospects in Bradley Zimmer, Brady Aiken and Clint Frazier, the young talent depth behind them is even more impressive. It wasn’t always the best of times for Shapiro and Atkins over the past several seasons in Cleveland, but they’ve left the farm in a dynamic state.

“Stupid-good drafts and one-sided trades have turned this system from a bottom feeder into one of the deepest in the American League”

Beeston still kicking around  –  An interesting note from this Robert MacLeod interview with Shapiro in The Globe And Mail on Friday. Former Jays president Paul Beeston has maintained an office at the Rogers Centre even after his retirement, and continues to advise the new boss when needed.

“If he [Shapiro] needs anything from me he comes and sees me. I get along with him very, very well. I’m hopeful everything works out well for him. I guess you could say I’m helping him with the transition. He seems to have his own way of doing things and I think it’s good.”

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Shapiro, in conversation  –  Some required reading here from Brendan Kennedy over at The Star, where you’ll get everything from Shapiro’s organizational philosophy to his morning routine. Him waaking up at “5 at the latest” doesn’t surprise me in the least. It’s also interesting to continue hearing of his awareness of the market perception on him.

“I’ve got a pretty good track record of who I am as a person and who I am as a leader. So it’s a little strange to all of a sudden go from a guy who was considered to be a nice guy to a guy who’s Darth Vader.”