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Jays Journal asks for your choices for the Greatest Blue Jays of All Time. You voted in Rd 2 and now have your say as we move closest to the greatest!

You’ve had your say in Round 2 of the Greatest Blue Jays of All Time. The voting has become progressively more difficult as move through each round. And, while some players managed to sneak through (we see you, Shannon Stewart), there is no questioning others.

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The results form the second round really didn’t reveal any surprises. The names you would expect to move on did. Dave Stieb survived his matchup against Jim Clancy. In fact, it should have been closer than it was. Roy Halladay also dominated Pat Hentgen. That is the nature of the competition. In choosing the greatest, you often have to skip over some very deserving candidates.

That is not to take anything away from players like Clancy or Hentgen, who are icons in the organization. Rather, it is a testament to just how great the others were. And, votes often test your own personal requirements for what is greatness. When George Bell narrowly edges Edwin Encarnacion are readers putting more emphasis on the aura surrounding a player’s time as part of a winning team? Does recency help a guy like Jose Bautista advance easily from round to round?

When you come to pitching matchups, we have kept starters and relievers separate for obvious reasons. This will likely be the last time that happens. This might seem unfair when you look at your choices, but for the sake of comparison, we tried to keep players together according to roles. Obviously, with hitters, it is a lot easier to compare without separating by role.

We want to hear from you. Vote for who you think is the Greatest of All Time and leave your thoughts in the comment section. We enjoy the discussion and debate. Let’s get to it. Click on Matchup 1.

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