Should Blue Jays shop around the Cincinnati Reds sale?

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Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The heart of the Blue Jays offseason begins this week as Winter meeting are upon us. Teams will be trading, players will be signing, and hopefully the Blue Jays make some moves that make our holidays more enjoyable.

The Blue Jays, along will every other team, will have holes to fill on their roster so deals will be flying all over the place. On Winter Meetings Eve, it was reported that the Cincinnati Reds would be making everyone on the roster available in trades. That’s right folks, the Reds are entering full rebuild mode.

After three playoff appearances in the past six years, the Reds have failed to even sniff a .500 season over the past two years. Playing in what some would argue as the toughest division in baseball, the Reds have decided to swallow their pride and start again from scratch. Although the Reds could only win sixty-four games last year, it doesn’t mean they don’t have some interesting pieces on their team.

Should the Blue Jays consider any Reds players entering Winter Meetings? With so many made available at once, it would be hard not to look over some of the potential targets given the ever-increasing cost of free agency. Closer Aroldis Chapman has already been moved to the Dodgers one year before he’s set to reach free agency, and the potential of Joey Votto making a LeBron (maybe not) like return home is made highly unlikely due to his contract. Instead, here are some potential realistic options the Blue Jays should consider…

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