Blue Jays: The David Price rage-bait avalanche continues


The Toronto Blue Jays and David Price have separated. Call it summer love, call it whatever you like. It was a sparked flash of beauty where we all learned how to love again and went our separate ways. His recent signing with the Boston Red Sox continues to stir up old feelings, however, and the trend continued today with some quotes from his agent Bo McKinnis. 

More after-the-fact rage-bait on a book that is already closed. Along with the earlier reports that the Blue Jays front office didn’t offer Price any sort of free agent deal, this is another piece of news meant to spark an angered fan base without telling the whole story. Or even half of it. Just the most buzz-worthy part.

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David Price claimed that, at one point, he’d woken up expecting to sign with the St. Louis Cardinals, but was swayed by a richer deal to sign with Boston. Would an equal offer of $217 million over 7 years have brought Price to Toronto? Possibly. Maybe even likely. But what about $200 million over 7 years? David Price seems to love the one he’s with, and this quote from his agent is sending fans down the path of assuming a “hometown discount” would have been accepted.

That’s something we can’t know, and should rarely assume to be the case, but in a post-2015 Blue Jays climate hungry for the most negative potential angle, and the angle most damning of the new regime, it’s easy bait. At the end of the day, it’s clear that this changes nothing about the reality of the situation, but it opens the door even wider for pitchfork opinions.

The most valuable question that remains is whether or not you would have handed David Price the exact same contract that Boston eventually did. If so, you’d likely need to accept that depth elsewhere on the roster would have been left very thin. Not to mention the issues that often arise in the latter half of these mega-deals.

So while I don’t see this as a report of any use, and especially not something to change one’s pre-existing opinion over, don’t let my grumpy dismissal drown our your voice. So let’s hear it! Does this change how you view the still-unfolding David Price drama, or are you finally, mercifully ready to hear the end of the story?