Toronto Blue Jays Rule V Options: Infielders

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With Devon Travis out following shoulder surgery the Toronto Blue Jays are thin on middle infielders, the Rule V Draft could help fill that hole.

Toronto Blue Jays second baseman Devon Travis struggled with shoulder injures in 2015 and didn’t play after July 28th after exciting fans for the first couple months.  Travis underwent shoulder surgery on November 18th which will force him to miss almost half a year.

Losing Travis opens the door for Ryan Goins to cement himself as Toronto’s starting second baseman. It also opens the door for an undetermined middle infielder to secure a utility/bench role on the 2016 Blue Jays.

The Rule V Draft is one way the Blue Jays can add a middle infielder that could contribute right away. Here are two infielders the Jays could consider using their pick on: T.J. Rivera and Ronny Rodriguez.

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T.J. Rivera

Rivera is an undrafted 27-year-old 2B/SS in the Mets organization who played 54 games at the Triple-A level in 2015. He hit .325/.364/.449 with 7 home runs, 48 RBI, 19 BB, and 47 K’s between Double-A and Triple-A with solid gap power and ability to barrel up the ball.

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T.J. produced at well above level average with wOBA’s of .382 in Double-A and .352 in Triple-A. He also showed the ability to play multiple infield positions, playing 17 games at SS, 39 games at 2B, and 45 games at 3rd.

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In his career Rivera has played more games at 2nd with over 250 games, posting 4.11 RangeFactor and .975 Fielding Percentage.

At the plate Rivera makes good contact, striking out 12.8% of the time in Triple-A and walking 3.6% with a solid .346 BABIP which is about average throughout his career. He also puts the ball in play and forces the defense to make the hard play with 1.32 GO/AO.

T.J. is a little pull oriented in his approach hitting all his home runs to LF and his Hitter Heat Map (provided by shows a large number of balls to the 3rd/SS side of the infield.

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One knock on T.J. would have to be his speed, only stealing 24 bases over 520 games.

T.J. Rivera hits a 3-run walk-off home run winning game 1 of the Eastern Eastern Division Championship Series.

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