Toronto Blue Jays Poll: Best Hitter of All Time, Round 1

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Jays Journal is looking for fans to choose the Greatest Blue Jays of All Time! Have your say in Round One of the Hitters Bracket. Vote now!

To help heat up the Blue Jays discussion in these cold winter months, we decided to create a reader poll where you, the fans, get to vote for and choose the Greatest Blue Jays of All Time. Obviously, this will spark a great deal of debate. And, it should. We all have our favorites. But, can we say that they are the greatest of all time?

Comparing players in this fashion can get a little crazy, depending on how deeply you dive into their career numbers, etc. And, that is the beauty of this exercise. You get to choose the greatest of all time based on whatever scheme you’d like to use. Perhaps you value a special home run more than games played. Maybe you prefer to recognize longevity. That’s completely your call. Rather than our staff choosing, we’d rather hear what you have to say.

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Toronto Blue Jays

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • It can be difficult to compare hitters to pitchers, so we’ll have two separate brackets, here. We’ll crown a Greatest Blue Jays Hitter of All Time and a Greatest Blue Jays Pitcher of All Time. Then, we’ll see how they fare against each other, which is really just so we can declare one winner.
  • We’ll offer 16 hitters and 16 pitchers. You’ll have the chance to vote in each round in a head to head matchup. The winner advances.
  • We’ve excluded guys who’ve only been with the club for a short period of time. This is not to minimize their impact (We see you, Josh Donaldson!), but when you’re talking the Greatest of All Time, we have to look to set a soft minimum as far as time served.
  • When you select your choice, please use the comment section to defend it if you feel the need. This is where the real fun will take place; in the debate!
  • Obviously, we can’t include everyone. There are bound to be some contentious snubs. Feel free to let us know who you feel should have made the cut and why.
  • This is by no means a scientific poll. Is there really a scientific method for calculating “greatness”? It is meant for fun. So, please. Enjoy!

Let’s get to it! We present all 16 choices in Round 1 of the Greatest Blue Jays Hitters of All Time!

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