Blue Jays daily fluff rumors: David Price reuinion edition


The Blue Jays offseason rumor mill is back in action, with the buzz of the afternoon being a renewed link between the club and David Price. Here’s the tweet that started it all from David Kaplan who covers the Chicago Cubs, a team which has been the rumored favorite for Price. 

Then, naturally, a counter-punch from Jim Bowden:

This rumor seems to rest closer to the “offseason fluff” category than “things to get excited about”, but regardless of how viable a rumor is, anything linked to the Jays by an MLB source is worth batting around. For better or for worse.

It goes without saying that a Price reunion would be outstanding for the on-field product, but the conversation here will always come down to dollars. With $26 million going to Marco Estrada over the next two years and Jesse Chavez expected to earn $4.7 million in arbitration, the Blue Jays seem better aligned with the middle tier of free agent starters. Something in the neighborhood of a Jordan Zimmerman might represent the ceiling financially, if the budget truly is expected to open 2016 in the neighborhood of $140 million.

Simply put, this rumor goes directly against everything that we’ve heard up until this point in the offseason. If it turns out that all other expectations were incorrect and this comes to fruition, fantastic, but we’ll need to see a lot more arrows begin to point in this direction.

What do you think? Is there some real hope here, or is this just reviving the heartbreak of losing Price?