Blue Jays Top 10 Catchers of All Time

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4. Darrin Fletcher

The Dodgers took Darrin Fletcher in 6th round of the 1987 draft. He debuted in 1989 with L.A. The Dodgers traded him to the Phillies who dealt him to Montreal. He was a staple in Montreal for 6 seasons. He left the Expos in 1998 to sign with the other Canadian team. Unlike the other catchers on this list so far, Fletcher was an established starter before he came to the Blue Jays and remained in a starting role nearly all of his Jays’ career. He played 5 seasons in Toronto.

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His best season as a Jay, and of his career, came in 2000. His offence that season ranks just behind Pat Borders’ 1990 season. Fletcher slashed .320/.355/.514, hit 20 home runs and put up 8.9 offensive runs. Combined with solid defence he was worth 2.8 WAR in 2000.

He was the Jays starting catcher from 1998 to 2001. Fletcher saw his usually potent bat fall off significantly in 2001 with an OPS of .628 but put up some of his best defensive numbers that year as well. The offensive numbers continued to drop in 2002 and Fletcher retired part way through that season.

Post-retirement, Fletcher did some amateur level coaching and appeared on Blue Jays broadcasts occasionally. Currently, he’s not involved in baseball professionally.

Among Jays’ catchers all-time he ranks 3rd in WAR, 3rd in games played, 3rd in home runs, 4th in defensive runs, 7th in OBP and 4th in SLG.

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