Blue Jays 2015 Year End Awards: Play of the Year

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Blue Jays fans had to be impressed with the play they saw from the team this year. After watching too many instances of Jose Reyes wave at balls he would have gotten to before, Marco Scutaro getting eaten up by grounders or Juan Francisco throwing a ball over the head of Adam Lind, followers were craving plays that could be cheered. Plays that would remind them why they enjoyed baseball. 2015 provided them.

From Kevin Pillar and his diving catches, to Troy Tulowitzki and his spatula glove’s quick flips and Munenori Kawasaki‘s promise of a good old fashioned Canadian bush party, many Blue Jays contributed to the memories that will be treasured as new fans grow old and bandwagon fans have found a new team to root for (early money is on the Mariners).

The Jays Journal writers have parsed through the season that was and chosen their three favorite plays made on the field by Blue Jays this season. All manner of play were considered, be it hitting, fielding or throwing, and in the end, one of each were chosen for this top 3. Let’s relive some of the best plays of 2015…

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