Blue Jays vs A.L. East: Positional Rankings As of 15 Nov

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Maybe it’s just me but I consider Eduardo the best pitcher the Red Sox have. In fact, if the Jays and Red Sox were to merge their rotations and keep the best 5 only, he would be the only one to make the cut from Boston. They have a horrific rotation and he is the only highlight. The Rays, meanwhile, can enjoy the likes of Odorizzi in the 4th spot with his 3.35 ERA and 1.15 Whip over 28 starts in 2015. A wealth of SP in Tampa? That’s an understatement.

Meanwhile, the Yankees join the Red Sox with a seriously questionable rotation so far. Look for both teams to make big additions and changes before the season begins. The Jays don’t really have a 4th starter unless they plan on extending Sanchez well beyond his innings limit, so they could add another starter. Gaussman may be the biggest question mark on this list. He could be a stud or a dud, time will tell.

Side Note: As we all know C.C. has been dealing with some personal issues that we all hope he gets through and comes out on top of. However, his issue doesn’t really have an impact on these rankings since whether it’s him or the likely replacement – Ivan Nova – we like each less than all of the other options at #4.

Ranking: 1. Odorizzi, 2. Rodriguez, 3. Gaussman, 4. Sanchez, 5. Sabathia/Nova

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