Blue Jays vs A.L. East: Positional Rankings As of 15 Nov

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There was a time when DH in the A.L. meant David Ortiz and then everyone else. But as the 2015 season wore on and it was obvious that the Jays were better off resting Encarnacion, he became their stud at the position in the lineup. Then we have the surprise start of Alex Rodriguez who I still hate to even write about because for all I know he’s still cheating his way to millions of dollars. Morrison or Butler for the Rays and Paredes for the Orioles take the last 2 spots and are pretty weak options at that spot on their respective clubs.

Side Note: There’s a very good chance that A-ROD will share time next season at DH with Carlos Beltran. With both of them playing at the 40 and 38 age marks respectively, they’re going to need to get used to even less time on the field than both stars are used to getting. There’s no telling how it will impact their timings at the plate, but it will definitely be an adjustment for both of them.

Ranking: 1. Encarnacion, 2. Rodriguez/Beltran, 3. Ortiz, 4. Morrison, 5. Paredes

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