Blue Jays 2015 Year End Awards: Best Hitter

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In a season where the Blue Jays had the most prolific offensive output since Donald Trump wandered into a Mexico/Honduras soccer friendly in Miami, there are valid cases for multiple members of the Royal Canadian Mash Party to take home the award for Best Hitter. The Blue Jays scored 891 runs, 127 more than the second place New York Yankees. They led the league in home runs with 232, two more than Houston, and also led the league in walks drawn with 570, three more than the Chicago Cubs. It was an impressive display of hitting, and it was the driving force behind the Blue Jays’ run to the playoffs.

The voting for this award means no disrespect to solid contributors like Ben Revere, who was one of the few true leadoff hitters this team has had since Shannon Stewart. No disrespect for Troy Tulowitzki, who wasn’t able to get things going as quickly as he liked following the move from Colorado. No disrespect to Chris Colabello, who could hit a medicine ball and find a hole in the infield, or to Russell Martin who was a solid source of clutch hitting throughout the season.

None of those gentlemen were considered for this title, and rightly so. This category was always going to come down to the big three: Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion.

All three performed at Silver Slugger-worthy levels this season. So which one of the three bats took the title of 2015’s Best Hitter?

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