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Joe Carter Level of Excellence- S Doyle

Joe Carter

Carter sits in 4th place on the Blue Jays all time home run list. It is a bit odd given that he’s only played 7 full seasons with the club. But, those 7 years were in the middle of a very consistent stretch of long balls. From 1991 through 1997, Carter hit 33, 34, 33, 27, 25, 30 and 21 bombs. Through that period, he showed the consistency that made the trade for him less of a risk.

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Fans will recall that he was brought to Toronto in the franchise altering trade that also brought Roberto Alomar from the San Diego Padres for Tony Fernandez and Fred McGriff. At the time, Carter had 5 seasons under his belt of 24 or more home runs. Indeed, he was the home run threat the Blue Jays hoped he’d be. Now, Carter is a career .259 hitter with an ISO of .205. He wasn’t the monster home run kind of guy, but he had quick hands that allowed him to barrel up often enough.

One of those occasions ended up to be the greatest moment in Blue Jays history. He took an inside pitch from Mitch Williams of the Philadelphia Phillies over the left field wall in 1993 to win the World Series in walk off fashion. It was the first time a World Series had been won outside of the US and it happened to be the club’s second world championship. As special as it was, it was oddly familiar as the type of home run Carter would hit.

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