Toronto Blue Jays Best Home Run Hitters of All Time

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Edwin Encarnacion

It may come as a surprise that Edwin has propped himself right up there among the best home run hitters in Blue Jays history. His career with the club didn’t get off to such a great start. Fans were booing every time he touched the ball at third base. The club had given up on him. But, letting him go and return (this time as a 1B/DH) allowed the Blue Jays to tap into his power.

Toronto Blue Jays
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Toronto Blue Jays

He has clubbed his way into 6th place on the all time home run leader board with 197. He sits just 5 behind 5th spot. Assuming he spends a few more years in Toronto, he could climb up that list even further. Since joining the club, he’s had 21, 17, 42, 36, 34 and 39 home run seasons.

Edwin might be the epitome of a home run hitter in that it is very obvious when he is in a streak. His whole demeanor changes at the plate. When he is hot, he has one of the best eyes in the business. He hits everything hard and drives the ball very well. His power is palpable. His career ISO sits at .228, but has been as high as .280 in 2015 where he also put up a HR/FB rate of 19/9%. His career rate is 14.9%.

Edwin owns several memorable home runs, three of which came on the best game of his career where he connected for a total of 9 RBI. It is also the day EE learned what a “hat trick” is as fans celebrated his 3 bombs by throwing their hats on the field. We will also remember his home run in the 2015 ALDS in Game 5 against the Texas Rangers.

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