Blue Jays accused of sign stealing by losing pitcher Cueto


It’s the narrative that refuses to die: The Toronto Blue Jays are stealing signs, perhaps even cheating. Whether it’s a series of handheld signs in the centre field bleachers, a flashing light or the mythical Man In White, this has become the Blue Jays Loch Ness Monster. The unicorn, the white whale. Johnny Cueto, one day after getting his pants handed to him by the Toronto Blue Jays, has thrown some more fuel on the fire. 

Frankly, it’s exhausting. The accusations began back when the Blue Jays were a struggling ball club, and have now continued in to these 2015 playoffs. I’d be more inclined to be suspicious if a complaint were raised after a Blue Jays loss in which they recorded four hits, but instead, it comes from a pitcher that just got shelled.

If they truly think there’s an issue, do something about it. Notify the league, put the umpires on alert. This is 2015, and we have the technology of binoculars. Passive complaints to the media the morning after fall awfully flat, in the same vein as schoolchildren habitually yelling “He cheated!” after losing a game. But then again, perhaps it was Cueto’s frustrations with the Man In White that led to the incident at home plate, where he appeared to move his knee and strike Kevin Pillar above the shoulders as he slid across home.

This adds another spark to an already-heated series, one that brought about some empty benches earlier in the season. If there ever is evidence of wrongdoing, then of course, shame of the Toronto Blue Jays, but it continues to exist as day-after nonsense. The Rogers Centre suits the Blue Jays as well as any stadium-to-lineup pairing in baseball, something Johnny Cueto learned the hard way on Monday.

David Price has a note in his locker that reads “If you don’t like it, pitch better”.  Relevant advice.

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