Blue Jays: 5 ways the Royals will push Toronto in the ALCS

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The ALDS comeback certainly proved to Blue Jays fans that, if this team wasn’t a legitimate favorite before, they are now. Game five was one of the greatest Blue Jays games in history, and will hopefully not be the last memorable game of the 2015 season. Now is not the time to reminisce about the ALDS, it’s onto the next one for the Blue Jays!

We took a similar look at how the Texas Rangers would push the Blue Jays in the Division Series, so while I don’t appear to be a Blue Jays fan, I can assure you I am! Entering the Rangers series, I really was a bit worried about an early exit. Obviously I was proven wrong – you should see how my preseason guess of a Mariners vs Nationals World Series is looking about now.

The Jays, however, could match up much better against the Royals, but that does not mean this series is going to be a walk in the park. The Royals are a very very good team. They were the most consistent ball club in the American League throughout the season, and they were a hit away from winning the World Series just a year ago. So with first pitch nearing, here are some reasons why the Blue Jays should be worried.

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