5 Reasons Why The Blue Jays Should Be Afraid Of The Rangers

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Credit: Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

5. Fanbase

This article isn’t supposed to make you scared to watch the series. It’s not meant to convince you the Rangers might sweep. It’s showing potential pieces to look out for when this series starts. I think the main thing to remember is, that the Rangers should be afraid of the Blue Jays entering the post season- the Blue Jays are the team to beat! The Blue Jays have the best lineup, an ace who has been the AL Cy Young since joining the Jays, amazing defence, and a scary Rogers Centre to play in. Having home field advantage in this series is going to be huge for the Jays, since they are .654 at home this season, taking the first two games will be vital for the Jays.

After the podcast last night as I was writing this article, something kicked me in the head that I couldn’t believe that I really didn’t take in before. “The Blue Jays are in the playoffs!” As a fan base, just think about it! Perhaps because I was on a plane while the Blue Jays clinched their division (the equivalent to missing your first born child entering the world for me) but I suppose I will appreciate this a bit more when I see the clinch game on ESPN Classic 20 years from now.

To die hard fans who feel as though they are part of the team, and whose mood is generally based on how the Blue Jays do that night, you all should be pumped that regardless of what happens at the end of the post season another banner is going up in Toronto! To post-deadline fans, the Rogers Centre welcomes you with open arms. It’s nice having that dome filled again! The Texas fans have not been so welcoming…

Lets enjoy this playoff series. It’s been a long time coming!

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