Series Preview: Blue Jays Coast Through Tampa Bay

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It finally happened. After literally a generation of non-playoff baseball, the Toronto Blue Jays are about to coast into the 2nd season looking fairly dominant and ready to take on all comers. From the vaunted offense being held up by the vastly improved pitching to the highlight reel defense behind it, the Jays have made the last few months so damn exciting.

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So to the players who toiled over 20 years in a futile attempt to reach the post-season I salute you.  Roy Halladay, Carlos Delgado, Shannon Stewart and the rest…thanks for keeping us entertained as the Blue Jays fumbled and bumbled their way through each season past 1993. You deserve a ring just for keeping the game somewhat relevant.

Going into Tampa Bay, the Blue Jays have to win 2 of 3 games to finish with a winning record on the road which will be a great accomplishment in and of itself. We already have two 40-homer men in Josh Donaldson and Jose Bautista. If Edwin Encarnacion gets on one of his ytears it could very well be three 40-homer men (he is at 37). Last time that happened? Well the Rockies did it in 1996 AND 1997, and the only other team to accomplish that was the 1973 Atlanta Braves. Rare company indeed.

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