Poll time: Should the Blue Jays push harder for home field?


Any Toronto Blue Jays season is filled with a handful of hot-button topics that divide a fan base with one long line in the sand. John Gibbons has always been one of these topics. The debate between putting Aaron Sanchez in the bullpen or rotation was another. Now, after back-to-back showcases of the Blue Jays B-team, we’ve drawn a new line.

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The Blue Jays don’t seem terribly interested in fighting for top spot in the American League with the Kansas City Royals, something that would secure them home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Given a simple choice between ‘yes’ and ‘no’, surely it would be their preference, but there’s another side to the story.

While John Gibbons plans on returning his regular starting lineup to the field tomorrow in Tampa Bay, he also sees a great value in having his starters enter the playoffs as close to 100% as possible. This is why the decision was made to skip David Price‘s final regular season start, leaving him poised to start the ALDS opener on a long rest.

The club also seems intent on getting Mark Buehrle to his 200th inning, even if that doesn’t put them in the most advantageous position at some point in their final series. No starter is scheduled for that final game, and if Buehlre needs one or two more frames, he could get the ceremonial nod.

We can talk about the utter greatness contained in that tweet some other time, but the argument has a leg to stand on. While securing that home field advantage would have real benefits, those would only show themselves in a very exact situation.

In order for this home field advantage to benefit the Blue Jays, they and the Kansas City Royals would need to advance to the American League Championship Series and go the full seven games. Toronto holds home field in round one and the World Series regardless of standings. The question, then, is this: Does the potential benefit of that game both happening and occurring in the Rogers Centre outweigh any risk of injury or fatigue by playing the starting roster?

Pardon me if my own take is a little snooze-worthy, but I simply don’t feel strongly enough about the issue to go against the team’s decision. If the Blue Jays drove their starters out every day, topped the Royals by three whole games but then never needed that home field advantage, what’s the story then? Would a Blue Jays ALCS loss be blamed on tired players that Gibbons did not rest enough down the stretch? Maybe, maybe not. But I understand the argument, and the passion, from both sides.

So let your voice be heard! State your case, vote in the poll below, but don’t forget the most important part in all of this: The Toronto Blue Jays are going to the playoffs, and things are good.

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