How Ben Revere has Changed the Blue Jays for the Better


Let’s face it. The word that the Blue Jays had acquired Ben Revere felt like an almost needless afterthought at the time. We had just landed Troy Tulowitzki and Price and we were all too busy reveling in the fact that our Jays were now stacked. I myself was even upset that Valencia was optioned, not believing that Revere was more worthwhile to the team. Well I’m eating my words now. In his time as a Blue Jay Revere has posted a .317 Average with a .358 On Base Percentage and has 64 hits in only 51 games in the blue and white.

We saw his offense explode when Tulo was moved as the leadoff man, and it’s hard to think of a lineup where he isn’t the first batter at the plate. While Tulowitzki was originally given the leadoff role to get more at bats, we have found that giving more at bats to Revere is a very, very good thing. Revere has also handily filled the void left by Reyes as being an on base threat. That said he has outshined Valencia in the field with tremendous defense. Valencia’s Average of .296 and On Base Percentage of .331 as a Jay don’t hurt Revere’s case either. While Revere might not have the power stroke that Valencia is capable of, strong bats are not something this team lacks.

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The team has proven that it needs defense. Much of the post deadline success has been due to the massive increase in defense on all fronts. Revere is a key factor in this surge fielding strength. No longer do we have Danny Valencia platooning in the outfield with Chris Colabello, where he has defensive woes as well. Revere has transformed the lineup, allowing for Colabello to platoon with Justin Smoak at first, a position he is much more comfortable in, and be a big bat on the bench.

In addition to his defensive contributions, Revere is not only a guy capable of getting RBIs hes also very capable at generating them. I have heard criticism from many as he has only swiped five bags since joining the lineup. While a speedy guy like him is definitely capable of doing so well and often, should he? If he can stay put after hitting a single, odds would suggest Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista, or Edwin Encarnacion can drive him home. Why risk getting caught with the that trio behind you?

Ben Revere reflects the very spirit of our new and improved Blue Jays. He gives it his all every day, and has provided tremendously both offensively and defensively. Something that does not look likely to slow down any time soon. Let’s also look at one last statistic, Wins above Replacement. Of the three people who have played this position for the Jays this year, Revere leads in spades with a WAR of 0.6. Valencia who saw bulk of the play in the OF weeks before the deadline has a WAR of 0.1.

Make no mistake; the Blue Jays are this good, because Ben Revere is good. In the stacked line up that we possess, Revere has the advantage of being able to do what he does without the pressure of carrying his team. This has allowed Revere to flourish and establish himself as one of the best members of the Jays’ starting 9. And an exciting player to watch for years to come.

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