Series Preview: Let the Blue Jays BoSox Beatdown Begin!

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It’s time Blue Jays. Time to get ready for that home stretch and to solidify that spot atop the AL East. Thoughts of a possible offensive slump after scoring two runs in two losses has been alleviated thanks to a total combined score of 14-1 in the two wins following those losses. The team now has THREE 30 homer, 100 RBI guys sitting in their lineup and if you count Colabello/Smoak as the primary first basemen there are four positions now yielding 30+ homers and 100+ RBI (30 HR, 103 RBI). Heck, the three catchers have 23 HR and 85 RBI…an outside shot at another position hitting 30 and 100…albeit a very outside shot. It all just goes to show that it has been a team effort on offense up and down the lineup.

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The pitching is what has turned the season around for the Blue Jays really. You can mash as many home runs as you want but if your pitchers can’t keep the other team from doing the same…well…well you would have the 50-51 Jays before the trade deadline. The deadline seemed to boost the confidence across the pitching staff that became anchored by Cy Young candidate David Price who has won 7 of the 9 starts he has tossed since the trades. The overall staff ERA in the second half is 3.21 which leads the American League. They have given up the fewest hits since then and are the only team left in the AL to give up less than 200 runs since the break.

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