Blue Jays Morning Brew: TGI-Stroman-F


It’s the day that Blue Jays fans have been waiting for. Marcus Stroman takes the mound under the bright lights of the Rogers Centre later this evening, and the ‘Dome will be rocking. It’s a Friday night on top of that, so has there ever been a better time to be a Blue Jays baseball fan? We’re on the downhill slope of September now, and the Jays will look to pad their lead in the AL East before welcoming the Yankees on Monday.

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Back to Montreal!  –  Some great news that’s been clearly rumored for some time now, but Gordon Edes of ESPN writes that the Blue Jays and Red Sox will play two games in Montreal on April 1st and 2nd of 2016. This series was a massive hit prior to the 2015 season, especially with the inclusion of hometown boy Russell Martin.

The Blue Jays in Montreal, in my opinion, is one of the better ideas that this organization has had in years. Not only does it highlight the passion of a market that is fighting for the attention of Major League Baseball, but it opens the country up to their product. As a now-former Maritimer, the journey to Montreal is far easier to stomach than the one to Toronto, especially if fans are travelling with a family.

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The case for Ben Revere  –  Another must-read from Kyle Matte of Capital Jays here on Ben Revere, who’s become somewhat of a polarizing figure in Blue Jays land. Kyle unpacks the defensive metrics that exist at the heart of this argument, as we’ve all accepted that he’s fantastically average at the dish. Which is fine (the article will do a much better job of convincing you, I promise).

Now making $4.1 million, Revere is set to hit arbitration for the third time this offseason. Kyle puts his potential arb number in the neighbourhood of $6 million, but includes an update from Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors that predicts $6.6 million. Frankly, I’m fine with that for the reliability that Revere brings in the outfield. Good luck finding a significant upgrade for $6 million on the free agent market, and 2015 has shown us that no depth can be considered too much in left field.

In-depth on the Tulo injury  –  Some great work here from Ewan Ross and Joshua Howsam over at Blue Jays Plus, as they chat with ESPN injury expert Stephania Bell regarding the injury to Troy Tulowitzki. Give this full transcript a read, but here’s one excerpt from Bell that really caught my eye.

“I will tell you this, Tim Kurkjian, my colleague, said that a source told him that the muscle on the back of the shoulder blade was “crushed”, so a lot of trauma to the soft tissue. Again as I told you, the muscle overlays the bone there, so there had to be damage to the muscle in order to get to the point of the bone where you had the injury. Think of how painful that is alone.”

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