2015 MLB Esurance Awards: Blue Jays up for Several GIBBY Awards

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Aug 27, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; Toronto Blue Jays pitcher David Price (14) in dugout during a game against the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington. Mandatory Credit: Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Best Starting Pitcher

Man, when you look at the nominees for Best Starting Pitcher, you see a lot of talent. Big Time. You also see a lot of dollar signs. There is a reason these guys are paid so much. They’re good. Shocking, I know. But, what might surprise you with this list is the young talent. Chris Archer, Sonny Gray and Jake Arrieta are among the best in the business. Each has had his own level of success. Archer has been arguably the lone bright spot for the Tampa Bay Rays. He always seems to baffle the Blue Jays.

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays /

Toronto Blue Jays

Gray has been the target of many GMs, fantasy or otherwise. Imagine how many calls Billy Beane has taken (and rejected) for him. But, he’s fallen off the pace in comparison. He’s still really good, but when asked to choose the BEST pitcher in baseball, fans will likely vote elsewhere. deGrom is following up his 2014 Rookie of the Year with 184 strike outs in 176 innings. But, is it enough?

But, this list belongs to the big boys. Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw combine for a whopping 31-9 record and 446 whiffs! Kershaw has 264 of his own. In Seattle, Felix Hernandez is strolling right along with yet another solid season. His 17-8 record has him tied for 3rd most on this list. Madison Bumgarner leads the way with 18. We should not be surprised to see one of these guys win.

And then there is David Price. He’s always been good. He was having another good season in Detroit. But, since he’s come to Toronto, he has been that much better. He’s totaled a 15-5 record and an ERA of 2.46. His numbers fit quite nicely with the rest of this list. But, in comparison, he may fall behind the likes of Dallas Keuchel who very well could ride his hot first half. Likely, one of the above will take this award home. Unless, Blue Jays fans show up en masse. He certainly stands a better shot than Chris Sale of the White Sox or Max Scherzer of the Nationals. Right?

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