Blue Jays Baseball: Is this a new brand?

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We have heard for a while now  that the Toronto Blue Jays are looking to spread their brand across the country. And, while that has big implications from a business perspective, we’re seeing their efforts paying off in entertainment value. Let’s leave aside the potentially cynical view that this is all about generating money and just look at the on field product. The Toronto Blue Jays are captivating the entire country with their brand of baseball; a brand that hasn’t bee seen around these parts for quite a while.

Toronto Blue Jays
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Toronto Blue Jays

Obviously, winning is a huge factor in the increase in attention this club is getting. When you erase an 8 game deficit in short order and climb to the top of your division, people take notice. When you stay atop the division, even more people get excited. Everyone wants to talk Blue Jays. The fringe fans have jumped right in to the conversations. Even those who haven’t been watching or paying attention for years have their ears perked up and are getting excited. Winning does that. It is exciting.

But, for many fans, the excitement comes not just from the winning, but the manner in which games are won. More specifically, the style of play we’re seeing on the field is grabbing the attention and the air time in water cooler conversations. We’re not used to it.

There are a few examples we can look to of this “all out, win at all costs” type of play. There are bound to be examples that are left out, which you should feel free to mention in the comment section. But, let’s take a gander at a few of the highlights.

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