2015 Toronto Blue Jays: Top 5 Sweet Surprises

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#4 – Ryan Goins, 2B

(.248/.322/.362 5 HR)

Toronto Blue Jays
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Toronto Blue Jays

Coming into this season, a popular Blue Jays fan refrain was “if he could only hit .240, with that defense he’s our every day 2B”.    Well ladies and gentleman, meet the new and improved Ryan Goins.  His glove work in the field is legendary, and he’s the type of player that Jays fans have a long history of falling in love with.  It his offensive limitations that have kept him relegated to the depth of a John MacDonald type utility player.

Somewhere along the way, Ryan Goins learned to hit a little bit.  He worked closely with hitting coach Brook Jacoby to address a flaw in his swing that was making him slow to good fastballs.  With an apparently different swing approach, he’s not being overpowered by fastballs, and is hitting the ball well to all fields.

In fact, the impetus for this post was a stat that Mr. Goins lead the AL in August with a .441 OBP! Folks are starting to ask what happens when Devon Travis comes back from injury, but that will likely be a decision for spring training (although I think Devon Travis is safe).

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