Blue Jays Trade Deadline Aftermath: What’s left in the armory?

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Alex Anthopoulos made good on his promise of making the necessary move(s) when he felt the team and minor league system was ready. In deals which landed the Toronto Blue Jays a shiny new All-Star shortstop and an Ace, the depth of arms in the minor league system was dealt a blow after the loss of two ‘blue chip’ front of the rotation starters (Jeff Hoffman and Daniel Norris), two guys that have the potential to be solid 2-3 (Jairo Labourt and Miguel Castro), a bottom of the rotation flyball pitcher (Matt Boyd), and guy that could fall anywhere in between (Jesus Tinoco).

The loss of these talented young men has sent shockwaves throughout the Blue Jays minor league system and will completely reshape the Top 20 Prospect list, but it was necessary to acquire the talent to make the Jays team better. It is equally necessary to do an inventory of the system to see what’s left in the armory?

First, Alex has not completely emptied the system of all top tier prospects. He’s raided the cupboards of the upper minors/close to major league ready arms, but was nice enough to  leave us with some promising position prospects and low ceiling arms (nothing to get excited about) in Triple-A and Double-A.

Second, the title of number No. 1 Blue Jays Top Prospect will likely fall onto the shoulders of Dalton Pompey. Pompey likely won’t hold this title for long, as he is tearing it up in Buffalo and should be expected in Toronto soon, barring the addition of a shiny new left fielder.

Lastly, who will be the ‘guy’ if one of our 5 falls? We no longer have the depth of arms in upper minors to call upon in case of injury. Don’t get me wrong, there are guys who can come in for a few starts, but they won’t generate the excitement which follows actual prospects.

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Scott Copleland- Fringe starter and very useful 5th starter at that.

Stats: 8-3/2.13 ERA/84.2 IP/1.08 WHIP/45 K

Felix Doubront– mixed results. I’m going to include Felix Doubront, but I expect him to be lost to waivers when he is returned to Buffalo once David Price arrives in Toronto.

Stats: 1-3/2.44 ERA/48 IP/1.13 WHIP/43 K

Randy Wolf– would need to be added to the 40-man roster.

Stats: 7-1/2.57 ERA/112 IP/1.33 WHIP/81 K

Chad Jenkins– Chad could see a return to a starting role and could prove to be a valuable spot start option for Anthopoulos, as he also has experience as a long man.

Stats: 7-2/1.76 ERA/66.1 IP/1.21 WHIP/41 K (only 6 starts)

New Hampshire

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Taylor Cole– Has struggle for much of the year, but is 3-1 with a 3.48 ERA in 5 July starts. Is it just a good month or has he finally adjusted to the level. Hopefully the ladder and he can move up to Buffalo. Taylor is a strike out pitcher who shouldn’t be written off just yet.

Stats: 5-8/4.55 ERA/110.2 IP/1.48 WHIP/94 K

John Anderson– Serviceable lefty who has seen his fair share of injuries. I’m pulling for this guy, but he is more likely just minor league depth.

Stats: 6-5/4.54 ERA/109 IP/1.50 WHIP/62 K

Casey Lawrence– Like Cole, Casey struggled in April and May, started turning things around in June, and has really turned it on in July (4-1, 2.84 ERA). Fits into the Scott Copeland category, pitches to contact, won’t walk many, and won’t strike out the world.

Stats: 10-9/4.53 ERA/115.1 IP/1.50 WHIP/64 K

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