Blue Jays Trade Rumors: Still Shopping?


So, let’s all take a second to reflect, here. Troy Tulowitzki is a Blue Jay. David Price is a Blue Jay. Many wondered if this club would even go after one deal, let alone multiple mega deals. Yet, here we are. The Blue Jays are down one pricey short stop and 6 prospect pitchers. But, they are up two of the best players in baseball. One would think this Trade Deadline period would have been enough for them. But, that may not be the case.

According to Fox Sports, Jon Morosi, the Blue Jays could still be looking for upgrades:

While we’re all still reeling from the activity of the last few days, GM, Alex Anthopoulos is showing a rather large set of…dialing fingers. He must be compiling quite the phone bill. But, could they really be calling other teams and looking to add a starter?

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Toronto Blue Jays

We know that the San Diego Padres have yet to move any of their starters that are rumored to be available: James Shields, Tyson Ross, Andrew Cahsner and Ian Kennedy. Mike Leake could still be moved. Heck, even Jeff Samardzija could be moved, even though Chicago has changed their tune about selling. All of these moves would certainly put the Blue Jays into a position of strength heading into a playoff run.

The starting rotation still does need help. David Price is the automatic #1. Then there is Mark Buehrle and R.A. Dickey. Then what? Marco Estrada, Drew Hutchison, and…? This rotation depth is lacking. And, given the performance of Hutchison, it doesn’t look strong in the first place. Then, when you look past these names, it drops off dramatically. There is not much depth to rely on should an injury occur. So, there is definitely a need.

But, how realistic is this? Before I explore that, I should add that I said that getting David Price was not realistic. So, keep that in mind as you read on. But, this recent rumor seems to be a bit of a stretch. Who do the Blue Jays have left to offer. Well, for starters, there is Dalton Pompey, Anthony Alford, Sean Reid-Foley and any one of a number of pieces on the big league roster. But, just how much does AA want to strip the farm system? One could say that any team has enough pieces to make any deal. But, at this point, stripping the system down to bare bones might be a bit of an unrealistic endeavor.

Then again, we should remember that it didn’t take the Blue Jays long to build their system up to this point. In a period of a couple years, AA and his staff managed to build up enough of a stockpile that they could pull off the deals they just did. So, perhaps, they are putting so much belief in their ability to restock that they do not fear losing a large number of prospects. With this “all in” approach, the period of winning might be long enough to allow for such a rebuild.

Depending on the cost, the Blue Jays will entertain any deal. And, we should not put it past Anthopoulos to make that surprise deal. This is clearly the year he is going for broke. Perhaps, with another deal, he just might get it.

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