Troy Tulowitzki Joins Star Filled Toronto Blue Jays Lineup

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Jul 14, 2015; Cincinnati, OH, USA; National League shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (2) of the Colorado Rockies at bat against the American League during the sixth inning of the 2015 MLB All Star Game at Great American Ball Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


Last 3 years:

Tulo: .312, .340, .305 BA / .391, .432, .353 OBP / 1967, 1430, 1364
Reyes: .296, .287, .285 BA / .353, .328, .322 OBP / 1548, 2308, 1077

This is where Tulo creates the most separation from Reyes. His ability to hit, to get on base, to make pitchers work, and to move runners along and drive in runs is well above anything Reyes can provide at the top of the lineup. Not only are the abilities of Reyes deteriorating defensively, but his line is starting to fall as well, which is why I think the Jays ultimately pulled the trigger on this deal.

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Just as the Yankees and Red Sox like to work pitchers hard to get pitches they like and to wear them down, adding Tulo to a lineup that has recent additions like Josh Donaldson and Russell Martin ensures their lineup may become one of the toughest to navigate.

What I like about adding Tulo to the Jays lineup is that he is great whether he faces LHP or RHP and provides the Jays with the best 2-3-4-5 in the majors. If you thought Josh Donaldson saw too many fastballs before, he could see even more now that Tulo will likely hit behind him. While Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion provided power this year, both lacked in average and left their fair share of runners on base as a result. I believe all four will now be better off and could see their numbers go up significantly, a scary proposition for opposing pitchers.

Tulo’s value in the Jays lineup also opens up the possibility of moving one of the four to another team for the pitching the Jays sorely need to make a push in 2015, something I’ll elaborate on next along with my overall impression of the trade.


Ok, so I’m a much bigger fan of Tulo than Reyes. I think that’s obvious and it’s not my issue with this deal. The Jays just got a true leader, a top 20-30 MLB player, and traded away a declining older defensively challenged SS. BUT, we also have to remember that the positive energy Jose Reyes brought to the team was also excellent, was an embraced part of the team, and that he filled the lead off role for them, something the Jays lack now that they trade Reyes.

Still, if this were where the deal ends, I would give the Jays and Alex Anthopoulos an A+.

However, in this deal, to compensate for the edge the Jays got in Tulo over Reyes, they agreed to deal 2 extremely promising players along with Reyes, with severely alters the makeup of this trade.

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