Blue Jays Trade Rumors: Could David Price be a Target?


If there is one thing that is for sure, there is no shortage of rumors and pipe dreams upon which we can cling to add excitement to our summer. We’ve seen the Blue Jays linked to many starting pitching options from Johnny Cueto to Mike Leake to Jeff Samrdzija to Cole Hamels. And, all of these come with their own degree of “Yeah, right”.Well, this morning we have another one for you. Bob Nightengale tells us that David Price just might be made available in the coming days. And, guess which team he mentions as a possible suitor. 

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays /

Toronto Blue Jays

That’s right! It’s your Toronto Blue Jays. Nightengale says that baseball executives believe the Blue Jays could be most aggressive in pursuing pitching this summer. Apparently, they (whoever these executives are) feel that the Blue Jays could land Cueto or Samardzija along with Jonathan Papelbon. Whether these names actually change uniforms, this type of haul would be quite exciting, no?

It would be even more exciting if the haul included David Price. And, why would the Tigers put him on the block? Well, they’re way out of the division lead (9.5 games) and 4 out of the Wild Card. And, as Nightengale says, Miguel Cabrera is out for a really long time and Justin Verlander is under performing badly. Do they have a hope of catching up? That is the question that the Tigers have to answer, and fast. But, it looks as though they’ll be leaning toward throwing in the towel…for this season anyway.

They still believe they can compete next year. But, they also recognize their position this year and Price (along with slugger Yoenis Cespedes) could be offered up as rentals in exchange for players that could help them compete in 2016. For example, take the package that Tampa Bay got for Price in the first place. It took Drew Smyly, Austin Jackson and prospect Willy Adames. Nightengale says the Tigers will be looking for a similar package. 

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  • In 2014, Smyly was a 9-10, 3.24 left handed pitcher worth 2.1 WAR. Austin Jackson was a .256 hitter who scored 71 runs and stole 20 bases at the top of that potent Tigers lineup. Adames is a 19 year old A ball short stop. Given that Price will be just a 3 month rental this season, could the Blue Jays match such a package? The argument can be made that, yes they sure can!

    How about this: Daniel Norris, Matt Boyd and a prospect like Matt Dean or Mitch Nay. If Boyd doesn’t work, then maybe D.J. Davis would. Remember, if baseball executives believe the Blue Jays can get the list of upgrades above, they must be willing to part with a lot this summer. Now, before I get attacked for giving up a lot for a rental, there are some points that need to be acknowledged.

    David Price will be a free agent at the end of this season. And, he is going to get PAID! In fact, unless Zack Greinke opts out of his Dodgers deal, Price will be the biggest name on the market this winter. So, the Blue Jays will be looking at giving up a lot for a little of Price. The package to get him will likely reflect that. But, they’d be getting one of the best pitchers in all of baseball, which the package would also need to reflect.

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    Price is currently 9-3, 2.32 this season with a FIP of 2.78 and a WAR of 3.5. For his career, he is 95-54 at just 29 years old. He cut his teeth in the American League East, which is important since the Blue Jays play the bulk of their September games against division rivals. The pedigree of David Price is not easily matched.

    And that is why the Tigers will approach such a decision carefully. They’ll likely wait until the last possible moment to trade such a stud. And, right now, Nightengale reminds us that they are not even sure they want to go down this road. But, if they are indeed facing reality this season and shifting gears, the Blue Jays may add another name to their calling list. None of this is to suggest that there is a deal in the works, or even that we should get excited. But, in a time of rumors floating, it seems trendy to mention the Blue Jays who have such an obvious need. Time will tell if that “interest” will amount to anything.

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