MLB All Star Game: 5 Best Blue Jays Ever!

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The votes are in and the announcements made. The 2015 MLB All Star Game is all but set for Cincinnati. Now, we’re all familiar with the voting process that netted 3B, Josh Donaldson a record setting number of votes this year. It was a truly impressive run of social media sharing and celebrity assistance. And, by now, we are all aware that OF, Jose Bautista and C, Russell Martin will be joining the Bringer of Rain at this year’s festivities.

This appearance will mark number SIX for Jose Bautista. That got me thinking…just how many Blue Jays can say that? Is this the most by a Blue Jay player? If it is, has anyone equaled this total? If it isn’t, how many have come close?

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays /

Toronto Blue Jays

What I found is an impressive list of talent. While it may come as no surprise to see that Bautista is joined by some very recignizable names, what might surprise you is how many times each of these guys have represented the only Canadian team in baseball.

Now, before we get to the list, we should point out that the Toronto Blue Jays have a relatively short history in comparison to say a team like the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, etc. That means that they wouldn’t have had the pool to choose from for this list that one of the other teams above might have. So, you won’t find any Mickey Mantle (16 time All Star) or Hank Aaron (21 times!).

Since their first season in 1977, the Blue Jays have had several players to make multiple appearances in the Mid-Summer Classic, some of whom one would think should have had more. Others may surprise you that they had any at all. For the purposes of this post, I’m going to focus on the best of the best. Since 1977, there have been 5 players to come close to Bautista’s mark of 6 All Star appearances.

In fact, there are two players who’ve totaled more appearances and 2 that are just one off during their time with the Blue Jays. Joining Bautista on this list are two pitchers, an infielder and a fellow outfielder. We’ll profile their All Star appearances and their overall impact on the Toronto Blue Jays. We’ll also look at some great players who deserve Honorable Mention.

Feel free to comment below on these all time great Toronto Blue Jays.

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