Series Preview: Blue Jays Keep Clubbin’…Orioles are Next

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When the Blue Jays of yesteryear rode an 11 game win streak at some point in the season, they inevitably tanked and were out of playoff contention by the time September rolled around. When this year’s version lost both the games in New York against an improved Mets team I was wondering if the same fate would be rekindled and would be the beginning of another retched free fall. Weeeeeeell after taking both games from the Mets in Toronto I would say without restraint that this year’s team is built to withstand huge losing streaks and months of terrible baseball.

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Do not for a moment think that this has nothing to do with Josh Donaldson and Russell Martin. They are two of the elder statesmen in the locker room and their experience and drive to succeed seems to be rubbing off on the rest of the team. We have some feeble-ish bats with Ryan Goins and Kevin Pillar…well we used to anyway. The team would be able to withstand that both those players will never really hit much because of their sparkling defense but those little buggers keep coming up with big hits here and there that soften the blow when the beginning or middle of the lineup is having an off night. It is guys like this that great teams are made of. 1 through 9 baby. Give it up for the Blue Jays 1-9.