Game Recap: Blue Jays Beat By Mets


Having snapped their 11 game winning streak the previous night, the Blue Jays were looking to get back in the win column and start another streak. Both team and fans remember what happened after their lengthy win streaks of the past few years. The Blue Jays must prove that their recent success is not just a flash in the pan.

The Mets got to Scott Copeland early scoring two in the 2nd inning. They roughed him with four hits, including an RBI double from Mets’ starter Matt Harvey. Copeland escaped further damage in the inning by getting a 5-3 double play. The Mets’ added another run off a sac fly in the third. To Copeland’s credit he did have a clean 4th but John Gibbons wasn’t about to risk any further damage and ended his night. 

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The Jays, on the other hand, were stymied by Matt Harvey in the early going. It wasn’t just Copeland who looked silly at the plate. Except for Encarnacion, who had a double, the Jays couldn’t get the ball out of the infield. In the top of the fifth, the Jays managed to get two men on but stranded the pair. Bautista tripled in the 6th but the runner again was stranded.

Bo Schultz staved off further damage tossing two scoreless innings of relief. Ryan Tepera and Roberto Osuna followed with tidy 7th and 8ths.

The Blue Jays threatened in the 8th, loading the bases, getting a run via sac fly and another courtesy an Encarnacion single. Chris Colabello struck out to end the rally. They should have had another run if not for a costly baserunning error by Pillar. The Jays went meekly in the top of the 9th to seal the loss.

Game Notes:

Edwin Encarnacion made an ill-advised decision to break for third on a ground ball to the left side

– Matt Harvey seemed to be getting the outside strikes called but for Copeland, they were balls.

– Baserunning errors seemed to be a theme this evening as Kevin Pillar also made a bone-headed decision in the 8th. It cost the Jays a run as the bases would have been loaded and the next batter walked.

– Due to Copeland’s poor start and the fact they were carrying an 8 man bullpen, the Jays pinch hitting options were limited later in the game

– The Yankees and Rays also lost tonight so the Jays didn’t lose ground. However, the blowout Orioles win brought Baltimore even with Toronto in the AL East

“D”. Unfortunately, Scott Copeland was unable to match the success he had in his last start. In fact it wasn’t even close. The Mets had him figured out hitting hard line drives and finding holes when they didn’t hit it hard. He was yanked after four innings. It should be noted that he didn’t allow any walks.. . Scott Copeland. STARTING PITCHING

“A”.  Schultz held the fort adroitly allowing just a hit in two innings of work. He added a strikeout. Roberto Osuna and Ryan Tepera were just as effective.. . Bo Schultz. “RELIEVER”

Jose Bautista had a sac fly and a triple to lead an anemic offensive effort. . Jose Bautista. “OFFENCE” . “D”