Series Preview: Blue Jays Aim to be Pesky Against Red Sox

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8. As Peter Griffin maight say:

8 Freakin’ Wins.

It’s true kids. 8 freakin’ wins. In a row! There has been a winning barrage brought upon these hills. People are starting to talk a little more and a little more about how far this win streak can go. You know you are having good ju-ju  when a 27 year old rookie call up for a spot start tosses 7 innings of 1 run, no walk ball (hello Scott Copeland). It’s the kind of depth teams yearn for, especially when they need to be cautious of injury concerns to one of the top 5 (soreness Aaron Sanchez? I don’t like the sounds of that.).

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The Blue Jays continue to beat the snot out the baseball and up their MLB leading run scoring total (50 more than the next team…the Yankees) and yet their pitching is better but still are only better than the Red Sox in terms of team ERA in the AL. It will be the team pitching that dictates whether the streak continues or falls to the ranks of possible longest of the season. For now, enjoy it. Revel in it. If they can continue it going through Bahston then perhaps they will finally be a playoff caliber team.