MLB Draft 2015: Blue Jays pick round-up and profiles

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After having two protected picks in the first round and a sizable draft pool of $9.46 million to spend at the 2014 MLB Draft, the Toronto Blue Jays found themselves in quite a different position on Monday night when the 2015 edition got underway. Toronto was relegated to the compensation round, not having a pick until #29 and entered the 2015 MLB Draft with a limited budget of $5.411 million.

The Blue Jays forfeited their first round pick, originally slotted at 17th overall, when they signed Russell Martin away from the Pittsburgh Pirates, who extended Martin a qualifying offer. Normally, that would have left the Blue Jays out of the first round altogether, but the team recouped a compensation pick of their own by extending a qualifying offer to Melky Cabrera, who signed with the Chicago White Sox. Chicago also surrendered their 2nd round pick (David Robertson), but due to the Yankees having a better record than the Blue Jays in 2014, Toronto received the 29th pick while the Yankees picked directly behind them with the 30th selection.

Needless to say, the Blue Jays needed to be smart, creative, and perhaps a little bit lucky during the 2015 MLB Draft. Toronto would hope that premium talent could slide to them and that they could perhaps take some chances on some later picks by moving money around.

So how has the 2015 worked out for the Toronto Blue Jays?

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