Blue Jays Series Preview: Twin Killing Would do Just Fine

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Seriously kids, we know it is a long season and so far there has been more drama than Blue Jays fans could possibly want. Whether you are in the DL Jose Bautista camp or the let him DH camp or the Steve Delabar should close camp or the Marco Estrada is wasting Daniel Norris time in the rotation camp or the Kevin Pillar needs to be benched camp or or or or or. It is all part and parcel of a very long season. Hopefully with some improved performances in the bullpen, a turnaround for Mark Buehrle and the return of a rejuvenated Daniel Norris to the rotation we can start to see the fruits of the laborious first couple months of the season.

The opponent this time is the somewhat surprising Minnesota Twins who are 10 games over .500 and in the thick of the AL Central. They aren’t excelling at any one thing as a team (10th in ERA, 5th in BA, 6th in fielding).  No regular is hitting above the .280 sported by Torii Hunter and the rotation, aside from Kyle Gibson and Mike Pelfrey who’s ERAs are under 3, is rather ordinary. With numbers like these it seems the Twins will not be able to sustain their record and are doomed to fall further down the AL Central ladder behind the robust Royals, Tigers and even Indians. Seems like a team that is ready to be teached (thank Lenny Kravitz for that line…)